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Title or no title.

Sell your car for cash.

No matter the condition, we will pay cash for your car

Free towing.

Schedule the pick up

Call now to get a free quote!

Get paid on the spot

We pay cash, check, or Venmo on the spot with proof of possession. We want to make it as simple, easy, secured and fast as possible. 

Say goodbye to your car

We will give you a receipt for the transaction and the car will be removed from your property. We will tow your car FREE of charge.

Areas Covered

Areas We Cover

Tampa Junk Car Removal

Why us and not the rest

We offer FREE towing

We will not charge you any extra fees to tow your vehicle. Yes, that is right! No hidden fees after you receive your money. 

We will buy any kind of car

Is your car not running? We will buy it. Did your car or truck catch on fire? We'll buy it. Bad transmission? No problem. Every vehicle matters. We'll buy small cars, larger cars, SUV's, trucks, you name it. If it's a JUNK CAR we will buy it. 

No title? No problem

Accidents happen, you might have lost your title but that won't be a problem. Does your car have a lien holder? Let us know what your situation is and we will try to help you. 


Get cash for your Junk Car

Tampa Junk Car removal. Fast and Easy. We pay the best prices for Junk cars in Tampa Bay Area. No title? No problem. Give us a call for a free quote.


My car was declared total loss, would you still buy it?

Of course we will. It doesn't matter what condition the car is in, and we won't charge you to tow it away.


I have more then one car, can you buy 2 vehicles at the same time?

Of course we can, We can buy as many vehicles as you'd like to. And we always pay cash at front.


My car was registered out of state and I lost my title, can you buy it? 

No title? It won't be a problem even if it comes from out of the state of Florida. Make sure you can provide us with documents supporting ownership of the car. 


What documentation do I need to have at the time of purchase?

We will need a picture ID and the Title (if available,) or the  registration. We will buy any  junk cars.

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